Mario Hyland Appointed to the HL7® Architecture Board

Mario Hyland

In late October 2015, Mario Hyland (@Interopguy), Senior Vice President at, Inc. was officially appointed to the Health Level International (HL7®) Architecture Board (ArB). The ArB is responsible for the architecture of the HL7 Standards. Mario’s role with the ArB is to work within the organization to market and refine future standards based architectures with a focus towards Testing. The ArB members help define a coherent architecture and relationships among the HL7 work products and how they relate to other standards and components of local implementations. This architecture includes the Business Architecture by which these work products are produced and managed through their life cycle, the governance that will be enacted on these work products, and the scope of the standardization effort itself.

This distinguished role highlights AEGIS’ position as a sought after expert in the field of interoperability, health information exchange standards, specifications and conformance testing. AEGIS has been a key contributor to the health IT community providing cloud-based Testing Platform(s) Solutions which unify developers and implementers in order to test their HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Specification (FHIR®) Implementations. HL7® and AEGIS have recognized that FHIR has the potential to address one of Gartner’s 2015 Top Strategic Technologies, specifically “Scalable Interoperability”. Over the past year, AEGIS has been recognized by Gartner in this space along with additional positive references included in Gartner Research Notes written to address the need for Robust Testing within the Healthcare Industry.

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