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We collect information through this website regarding the nature of each visit including such data as:

  • how you entered our site
  • how you navigated through it
  • how long you reviewed the information in each area

We track this information via cookies or other browser session identifiers. These indicators identify you only as a ‘number’ so the information we obtain cannot be traced back to an individual based solely on that data. We utilize this information to determine the effectiveness of our website and to identify areas needing improvement.

None of the indirect information described above will ever be sold or shared in any way with any third party.

Comments Posted

When posting comments to this blog, some direct information may be required to help mitigate spam (email address), and other information may be optional to foster professional communication (company name).

None of this direct information will ever be sold or shared in any way with any third party.

We reserve the right to delete submitted comments without notice due to content that is:

  • Combative and/or unprofessional in nature
  • Spam or spam-like
  • Profane or offensive

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