Our Story

Athena, Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom, holding the Aegis.

In Greek Mythology, Aegis was the shield of protection Zeus would lend to heroes in battle. At AEGIS, our identity is anchored in this ancient symbol, and is supported by the same fundamental concepts which represent their towering achievements in design and architecture. AEGIS ensures Powerful Results for our customers as we work together to transform business requirements in effective technical results. AEGIS’ staff of senior consultants has experience and expertise in numerous technologies, industries and technical environments. The value that AEGIS brings to the table is our complimentary service offerings which leverage our broad and deep expertise in applying our leadership to all facets of software development and domain-specific technology solutions.

Vision, Mission, Values


Our clients’ IT programs and systems working effectively, efficiently, and with minimum risk so that IT becomes an invisible yet indispensable enabler of their business success.


Attract and sustain a team of extraordinarily skilled, diverse, experienced IT professionals, point them at the challenges blocking our clients’ success, and foster their collaboration – with unique processes and tools – to solve those problems as Trusted Advisors.


We are committed to supporting the concept of family in every meaning of the word, ensuring we treat our employees as family, and support the families of our staff and customers. We are resolved to providing the highest levels of quality service to our customers, and will continually improve our processes and services to promote customer satisfaction. We work as a team with our customers to ensure excellent results. We interact with our customers and employees in an honest and fair manner, with integrity, and will always maintain high levels of corporate ethics. We encourage creativity and diversity of new ideas and different approaches, to best manage our company and serve our customers. We understand we are a global citizen, and seek to support our community as a good neighbor and provide charitable support as we are able. We do not enter into agreements or partnerships lightly, but instead do so with commitment to the success of those who work with us: our customers, our employees and our business partners.

At AEGIS, these seven words have not lost their meaning. They are our company values and our Quality Policy. They define our philosophy. They are applied to every business decision we make. Simply stated, we live by them, and we prioritize our resources accordingly.