CMMI Level 3 – We still got it!

My-Heart-Is-In-The-WorkWe are thrilled to announce that our recent CMMI SCAMPI Class A appraisal results are now official. We were once again appraised at Maturity Level 3 in two constellations – Development (DEV) and Services including Service System Development (SVC+SSD). When we were first appraised this way in 2012 (building on our 2009 CMMI-DEV ML3 appraisal), we were one of only four organizations world wide demonstrating this same level of capability maturity (DEV and SVC+SSD). Today we are one of twelve which is still an incredibly exclusive club. The sample size of this appraisal included an impressive 41% of all the project work at AEGIS demonstrating that we have organization-wide adoption of the model at a high level of maturity. I would like to thank everyone at AEGIS for their outstanding performance, not just embracing our approach, but working to improve it all the time.

The CMMI was created at Carnegie Mellon University, my alma mater. Andrew Carnegie is frequently quoted on campus and elsewhere with one of his famous lines, “My heart is in the work.” Through this appraisal, the folks 24972 Dual Colorat AEGIS have shown that our hearts too are in the work that we do here, and I appreciate it. I would also like to thank our incomparable Lead Appraiser, Dr. Richard Bechtold of Abridge Technology for his guidance and discipline throughout the process, pushing us and keeping us accountable, but not letting us go anywhere that wouldn’t add value to our organization and our customers. We look forward to continuing to challenge ourselves toward more and better process improvement, tremendous satisfaction for all who work with us, and optimal results for our clients.

Read more about AEGIS’ CMMI story in our case study published over the summer by the CMMI Institute.

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