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Mario Hyland

When HTTP 200 is NOT OK

Are you under the impression that receiving an HTTP 200 (“OK”) response means your FHIR implementation is conformant to the FHIR specifications or implementation guide(s)? If so, we are sorry to disappoint you. In our work to help implementers accelerate their FHIR implementations, we see many tests that are looking for that “HTTP 200” response

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Health IT
Mario Hyland

What the “Heck-a-thon”

Connectathons are at risk of devolving into check-the-box participation and demonstration events. Let’s fix that. Not that long ago, health IT implementers attended annual (IHE) Connectathon events to test and polish their nearly-ready-for-production (most advanced) implementations. This was (and they still are) a big deal, with significant costs to register, prepare and attend. IHE Connectathon

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AEGIS Shield
Health IT
Jeff Helman

ONC Approves AEGIS Touchstone for Certification of (g)(10) Criteria

Drummond’s G10 FHIR® API+ Certification Program is powered by the AEGIS Touchstone FHIR® testing ecosystem. Rockville, Maryland, July 7, 2022 – Approval by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT ( ONC) of Drummond’s 170.315(g)(10) conformance test suites on the Touchstone FHIR® test tool and developer platform gives health IT developers two

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FHIR Test Script Value

Gil Alvarez discusses the value of FHIR test scripts.

Testing & Validation with Sandy Vance

Sandy Vance presents the importance of testing for compliance to the CMS Interoperability Rules.

FHIR testing with ONC Inferno, MITRE Crucible, and AEGIS Touchstone

Ryan Harrison of Amida compares tools being used for HL7 FHIR Testing.

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