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Jeff Helman

HL7® FHIR® and Touchstone Virtual Training April 17-18, 2024

With the number and sophistication of HL7® FHIR® Implementation Guides rapidly increasing, knowing that your FHIR implementations are conformant to those IGs and the underlying FHIR specifications is more important than ever. Touchstone is the anchor of our FHIR validation ecosystem which empowers your FHIR implementation team to objectively measure the accuracy of their implementation

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Touchstone Pricing Updates

Since our May 2023 Touchstone Release 6.0.0, the AEGIS Health IT team has been preparing the Touchstone community for our updated 2024 subscription pricing model. Touchstone 6.0.0 marks the transition from the introductory pricing accompanying our original R&D effort to a pricing model reflecting a production-hardened, full-featured enterprise-class product offering. This is our first Touchstone price

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Health IT
Jeff Helman

FHIR US Core Version Collisions? Find Out for Yourself at the January 2024 HL7 FHIR Connectathon

During the past few HL7® quarterly FHIR® Connectathons and Workgroup Meetings, the FHIR community has been debating the impact of what I’m calling “version collisions:” when someone makes a FHIR request for healthcare data expecting that they will receive a response conforming to US Core 3.1.1, but they receive a response with data conforming to

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FHIR Test Script Value

Gil Alterovitz discusses the value of FHIR test scripts.

Testing & Validation with Sandy Vance

Sandy Vance presents the importance of testing for compliance to the CMS Interoperability Rules.

FHIR testing with ONC Inferno, MITRE Crucible, and AEGIS Touchstone

Ryan Harrison of Amida compares tools being used for HL7 FHIR Testing.

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