IT Consulting Services

IT is complex and getting more so every day.  Programs must deal with increasing vectors of IT expansion – mobile, IoT, biometrics, cyber defense, and more.  FITARA, TBM and GSA Scorecards raise the level of project scrutiny to new highs.  There are more stakeholders and more eyes on the work than ever before.  Our customers tell us that having AEGIS as their Trusted IT Advisor and Honest Broker allows them to offer the transparency and high quality results those stakeholders demand, while furnishing their programs with enhanced decision-making and managed risks.

Knowledgeable, Experienced IT Practitioners

AEGIS are Trusted IT Advisors with well experienced teams solving big challenges for our clients.Powerful results begin with a powerful team. We know that the best people in the business have different career objectives, but they all want challenging and rewarding jobs. We capture those who value working in small, elite teams, in a small business where they can make a real difference.

Understanding Your Needs

AEGIS’ success is predicated on our proven ability to help our clients achieve their goals by transforming business needs into technical results. Collaborating to elicit and understand goals, objectives, challenges, and business impacts drives powerful, value-adding insights and solutions.

The AEGIS team will work as trusted allies to your team to assess and document your situation and help plan for future success.

Your Objectives are Our Objectives

AEGIS defines the vision and the solution collectively with you by:

  • Identifying known and potential risks
  • Establishing contingency plans for project interruptions
  • Scheduling frequent communications among all stakeholders
  • Managing the overall project plan
  • Identifying and resolving issues with defined issue resolution processes
  • Providing testing to ensure success of the end-results

In doing so, we have earned a strong reputation for on time delivery, on or under budget.

Explore our capabilities for helping you meet your objectives.