AEGIS Wins DoD Joint AI Center (JAIC) T&E BPA

AEGIS has been awarded a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to support the Department of Defense  Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) with Testing and Evaluation services.

The JAIC T&E BPA is a five-year, multiple award BPA that will allow the acquisition, development, and integration of commercial AI tools and services in support of the DoD and U.S. Government’s AI test and evaluation objectives. The BPA will focus activities on AI initiatives around Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and emerging capabilities in the AI space. Task areas of the BPA include:

  • Task 1: AI T&E Solutions
  • Task 2: T&E Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
  • Task 3: Other Technologies
  • Task 4: Alignment/Integration with the Joint Common Foundation (JCF)

AEGIS offers the JAIC more than 20 years of IV&V and independent testing experience as well as it’s automated testing technology for message-based standards interoperability conformance assurance.

The JAIC was established in 2018 as the official focal point of DoD AI Strategy. That strategy consists of five pillars:

  • Deliver AI-enabled capabilities that address key missions
  • Scale AI’s impact across DoD through a common foundation that enables decentralized development and experimentation.
  • Cultivate a leading AI workforce
  • Engage with commercial, academic, and international allies and partners
  • Lead in military ethics and AI safety

AEGIS is proud to have the opportunity to compete for task orders under the BPA in support of the JAIC critical mission.

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