AEGIS Newsletter Released Featuring Gartner Research

In Gartner Newsletter Captureour recently released AEGIS newsletter – we have conveyed to industry a number of visionary efforts to tackle the many challenges and barriers to interoperability and conformance testing. AEGIS and other industry experts are realizing the benefits from the return on investment (ROI) through coupling of Cloud-based Infrastructures (IaaS) and Testing Services (TaaS) in a true Shared Services model.

Our newsletter highlights Gartner’s Research Note on Testing and Interoperability. It also highlights some of AEGIS’ products and services and the vast ways AEGIS is addressing the challenges related to interoperability today.

Change is certain and coming sooner that we think. It will require the Health IT community, Federal agencies and individuals to embrace innovation, disruption, adoption and adaptation. We invite you to review our newsletter, including the Gartner research, to see our views on Testing. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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