Touchstone Pricing Updates

Since our May 2023 Touchstone Release 6.0.0, the AEGIS Health IT team has been preparing the Touchstone community for our updated 2024 subscription pricing model.

Touchstone 6.0.0 marks the transition from the introductory pricing accompanying our original R&D effort to a pricing model reflecting a production-hardened, full-featured enterprise-class product offering.

This is our first Touchstone price adjustment in eight (8) years.

The new pricing aligns with our actual costs, enterprise software pricing norms, and staffing projections for 2024 and beyond, and it reflects ongoing platform enhancements, such as:

  • Enhanced support of FHIR security workflow testing for SMART v2 (PKCE), UDAP, etc.
  • Enhanced support of updated FHIR IGs such as US Core 6.1.0 test cases/test scripts (in support of US ONC HTI-1) and Prior Authorization use cases (in support of CMS Burden Reduction rules).
    • We look forward to calibrating these new tests with our community. 
    • We look forward to working with the FHIR community to better understand “Version to Version” interactions between US Core 3.1.1 and 6.1.0.
  • Additional exchange protocols, including HL7 v2 and v3 (already included with Touchstone 6.2)
  • Expect additional protocols in the coming months (including IHE, X12, etc.)
  • Additional infrastructure security hardening to reduce the cyber-attack surface area (e.g. attempted Ransomware, and DDOS attacks).

We continue to adopt best practices to keep innovation value high and operating costs as low as possible.  

The new subscription model and pricing schedule will enable AEGIS and the Touchstone Team to continue delivering unparalleled value as a testing platform and the stellar technical support our global community deserves.

We are committed to continuing to optimize our costs, and–along with our community–craft future pricing adjustments that align with our community needs and our operational costs as our community grows.

We encourage our customers and partners to participate in our Community of Interest (COI) quarterly calls and keep abreast of new and future changes to Touchstone.

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