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AEGIS has trained hundreds of developers to build with HL7 FHIR using Touchstone, our cloud-based platform that supports FHIR conformance as you build. Touchstone offers thousands of tests in an easy-to-use system for measuring conformance and interoperability against published specifications, profiles, and the healthcare industry’s leading implementation guides.

Whether you are new to HL7 FHIR or looking for skills and tools that take you to the next level, this class is for you. All courses include two days of FHIR skill-building, hands-on experience with FHIR and Touchstone, and a three-month Starter subscription to the Touchstone development platform.

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AEGIS offers Touchstone training aimed at preparing participants to…

  • confidently explore and understand the FHIR specification
  • master the FHIR TestScript resource and how it is used in conformance testing
  • set up automated, internet-based interoperability tests using Touchstone APIs
  • review test results and use test outcomes to help drive success in conformance validation testing

Participants will…

  • learn about TestScript resource elements such as Fixtures, Variables, Rules, Test, Asserts, Setup, and Teardown
  • become familiar with the existing FHIR conformance test suites within Touchstone
  • understand the FHIR validation engine and how it is utilized
  • run hands-on interoperability tests with other FHIR Server and FHIR Client implementations
  • learn how to build test scripts for upload to Touchstone
  • become familiar with the AEGIS WildFHIR HL7 FHIR reference implementation server
  • review conformance analytics available in Touchstone

Recommended Class Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of XML or JSON

Course Materials: AEGIS will provide each participant with handouts containing the materials covered in the training. Download the full training agenda here.

Location: This session is VIRTUAL and will use Go To Webinar.

Contact: To find out more about Touchstone training or to schedule a corporate class, please contact Sandy Vance at

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