Mario Hyland Speaks at Johns Hopkins

AEGIS Senior Vice President and Founder, Mario Hyland (@interopguy) was invited to speak at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine for the Health Sciences Informatics Grand Rounds speaker series.  The tradition of Medical Grand Rounds at Johns Hopkins can be traced back to William Osler, the first professor of medicine, beginning in 1889. Although for a long time they have been amphitheater rounds, not bedside rounds, the patient and specific clinical problems have always been the focus of discussion.  There are Grand Rounds for many disciplines at Johns Hopkins.  The audience was team members who are part of the clinical setting of what is Johns Hopkins, to include hospital operations, doctors, clinicians, clinical informaticists and academia.

Mario Hyland
Mario Hyland

Mario’s discussion encompassed the interoperability of healthcare organizations in order to support clinical care coordination touching on the challenges facing national health information networks and the exchange of clinical information.  As part of the discussion, he focused on the maturity of health information technologies and the challenges facing standards adoption.   Although the audience was not a technically focused one, the issues around receiving the data needed to perform in a clinical setting was pertinent to all.  They were exposed to relevant technical underpinnings that could improve quality of care and patient safety through a standards based technical approach reinforced with testing that is beyond one and done.  The audience, who were both in the room and online, asked great questions and were very engaged in the conversation.


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