Introducing WildFHIR!

We are proud to present AEGIS’ reference implementation of Health Level Seven (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). We have named our RI, “WildFHIR.”

FHIR defines a set of “Resources” that represent granular clinical concepts. The resources can be managed in isolation, or aggregated into complex documents. This flexibility offers coherent solutions for a range of interoperability problems. Designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of implementation, FHIR is an exciting new addition to the HL7 standards platform. FHIR combines the best features of existing HL7 standards with the latest web technologies to make interoperable healthcare applications dramatically simpler, easier, and faster to develop.

AEGIS has been actively participating in the HL7 Work Group Meetings (WGMs) covering a full range of HL7-specific topics such as Version 2.x Implementation, Version 3, and the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®), FHIR, Meaningful Use in the US, Electronic Health Records, and Vocabulary Terminology among others. AEGIS has been testing FHIR, developing and publishing test cases within the Developers Integration Lab (DIL). AEGIS is working on IHE profiles and NwHIN standards and specifications within the AEGIS Integrated Ecosystem, a synthetic community of Health Care organizations.

FHIR is getting particularly strong support within the healthcare community, support that signals the community’s desire to move beyond traditional health record formats like CDA, CCD, and C32, toward streamlined XML and JSON representations coupled with lightweight RESTful services. Earlier this year, FHIR was selected as the standard information model for DoD-VA information exchange, and also as the future format for VistA Exchange. Furthermore, ONC has endorsed these decisions with support for FHIR.

There is a lot of work to do on the FHIR standard. AEGIS plans to identify Federal and commercial partners to test our WildFHIR reference implementation. Stay tuned as AEGIS is in the forefront of this new and innovation standard.

See more WildFHIR details here and more information on FHIR here.

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