IHE North American Conference

AEGIS will actively participate in the 2014 IHE North American Conference in Chicago, IL  January 27 – 31. We will be directly involved in the Connectathon testing leveraging the AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL). AEGIS staff will be testing its IHE profiles against other participants at the Connectathon. Systems that support IHE Integration Profiles work together better, are easier to implement, and help care providers use information more effectively. As an Integrated Testing Lab, the DIL helps health information systems ensure that their interoperability will support testing requirements for Meaningful Use (MU) Stage #1 and #2, and future Stages #3 through #5. This is vital for certification, conformance and compliance demonstrations, but it can also be leveraged on an ongoing basis to validate the continuous interoperability of health information exchange partners.

We will also attend the IHE NA Connectathon Conference taking place on January 29. The theme of the conference aligns perfectly with the DIL’s objective: “Beyond Meaningful Use and HIE: Achieving Interoperability.” AEGIS looks forward to the testing and the dialog in Chicago.

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