Healthcare Interoperability Testing with FHIR Just Got Easier!

AEGIS has enhanced its Healthcare Interoperability Testing  platform – Touchstone – just in time for HL7 FHIR Dev Days!

Organizations around the globe are using Touchstone to validate conformance to various versions of the FHIR specification. The platform enables interoperability programs to automate validation of a system’s conformance to a specification, peer-to-peer information exchange, or clinical workflows. Touchstone enables companies to stand up FHIR systems and build system code in days instead of months. This week, as nearly 400 people are in Boston learning to use HL7 FHIR resources, we at advance the only customizable FHIR testing solution by providing a brand new feature, Touchstone’s TestScript Editor.

The Eclipse-based TestScript Editor is a new feature that enables the creation, management and publication of FHIR TestScript resources that meet their customized project or program needs. The feature is designed to simplify test script development and accommodate the varying skill of users, ranging from beginners to experts.

FHIR implementers can manage their own group of testers and TestScript resources in Touchstone. Using the workbench, users can edit, remove, import, or export a template on their own. This allows product managers and program personnel to define exactly how they want their partners to operate within their ecosystem – and validate it continuously. The TestScript Editor in Touchstone even allows users to connect to FHIR registries like’s Simplifier, so developers have easy access to all TestScript resources when they sit in a version control system like SVN, GIT, even on your desktop.

Recently the Centre of Expertise for eHealth in the Netherlands, Nictiz, began using the Touchstone TestScript Editor to prepare validation testing for the national program that sets the rules for safe communication between people and healthcare providers, MedMij. Healthcare technology vendors around the country will soon validate their systems in Touchstone to qualify, one of the important criteria for federal funding offered to companies who enable healthcare interoperability.

“The pleasant and flexible cooperation with the AEGIS team gives us the opportunity to use Touchstone for an important part of the MedMij program; the FHIR validation and qualification. These steps in the process are important admission criteria of the MedMij program for healthcare software suppliers.” said Paul Vermeulen, Product Manager and Team Lead Qualification Centre at Nictiz.

If you are a technology company striving to address the interoperability challenges in healthcare data and enable your customers with FHIR, you need Touchstone in your life. Touchstone will reliably test HL7 FHIR conformance through your own custom test scripts to support your implementation guide. It’s how you meet your program goals.

The Touchstone Project is an Open Access Solution for health information exchange. Touchstone strives to live up to its dictionary definition – a criterion for determining the quality or genuineness of a thing – by offering thousands of tests in an easy-to-use system for determining a test system’s conformance and interoperability against published specifications, standards, and profiles, including templates and implementation guides. For more information about using Touchstone to meet your program needs, contact Sandy Vance at

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