Decoding CMMI- People, Processes, and Value

If you are like most people, you do not think of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) often.

It is an acronym among acrovaluenyms in a town that loves them; if you are familiar at all it is perhaps in vague and nonspecific terms. You may know CMMI – or more specifically the CMMI Institute – is a certifying body pertaining to maturation and processes within companies, or perhaps that it conducts audits (without any of the unwarranted opprobrium received by the IRS).

The CMMI Institute defines its goal as “helping organizations discover the true value they can deliver by building capability in their people and processes.”

A worthwhile venture.

And an apt statement on the value AEGIS delivers.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the prototype for the remotely-delivered three-day ‘CMMI for Services’ course taught by Dr. Richard Bechtold of Abridge Technology. AEGIS has been fortunate to work with Dr. Bechtold throughout the appraisal process, and though I had long appreciated the efficiency, efficacy, and vision of a CMMI-certified organization as an eight-year AEGISian, Dr. Bechtold offered textured insight into the value CMMI offers companies and their clients. Poor service costs companies $83 billion annually, and while achieving CMMI certification is by itself no guarantee of a positive client-vendor experience, it speaks volumes to the experience the client will have with the vendor.

Poor service costs companies $83 billion annually

In software delivery, the greatest errors typically occur in nascent stages. Lack of vision and understanding, either on the part of contractor or client, on the purpose, use, and requirements of a product or service can require significant retooling later. Agile development can prevent much of this, however an organization adhering to time-tested CMMI quality-management practices understands how and when to communicate with clients, what documentation to provide clients, and how to structure teams and organizations to transform occasional genius into standardized excellence for an unparalleled customer experience.

AEGIS is but one of twelve organizations with CMMI Level-3 maturity in both the Development and Services (including Service System Development) constellations; a rare honor signifying an organization with advanced, enterprise-wide adherence to quality.

Processes matter. People matter. Either can afford a consultancy a modicum of success.

But it is the marriage of thoughtful standards and tailored processes paired with first-rate people that affords a company an unprecedented opportunity:

To provide our clients with everyday excellence in an extraordinary manner.

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