Building the Future – Again

The HLAEGIS HL7 benefactor_colorlogo7 International 2014 Policy Conference will take place in Washington, DC December 4-5. This year’s theme is “Building the Future: Innovation & Interoperability.” I will participate as a panelist discussing “Standards Maturity: Where the Rubber Hits the Road.” I’ll be joined by an all-star cast from HL7, SAMSHA, the ACP, CAL2CAL, Siemens Healthcare, and Lantana Consulting Group. The subtext for our conversation will be, “Domestic and international policy mandates in the area of standards and interoperability continue to grow. But how do they mesh and align with key standards development efforts and timelines?” If you are in this area and working in this space of health information exchange, you won’t want to miss it. More details are available at the conference web site.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time AEGIS has done a conference with this theme. In 1999, a much smaller AEGIS hosted the Sybase developer community’s Build the Future Tour in Reston, VA. This was in the early untitleddays of web applications and Java. The workshop sessions focused on how to build eCommerce sites using as a sample system, a site for selling music CDs online. How times have changed! Our technologies, hair styles, and pants sizes are all a little different now, but we still believe “The future is so bright, you gotta wear shades.”

Do you remember the BTF Tour? Drop me a blast from the past in the comment space below or send a Tweet to me @Interopguy!

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