AEGIS Wins ACT-IAC Innovation Award

AEGIS’ Developers Integration Lab was awarded the 2017 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation “Dynamite Award” in the category of Transformer.  From a pool of 116 original candidates, 30 finalists presented to a panel of judges on April 26 at the Reagan Center in Washington, DC, and we were one of the four “Dynamite” awardees.

AEGIS’ Developers Integration Lab and The Touchstone Project address patient safety and security by assisting organizations in testing the systems that exchange health information to assure compliance and conformance to industry standards with the ultimate goal of achieving continuous interoperability.

Bringing in new and innovative technology is difficult to do right – especially in an environment as diverse, complex, and ever-changing as Health IT.  In this world, where patient safety is paramount, the ability to get patient data instantaneously and securely is a challenge on a national scale. Interoperability is the answer to that challenge, and compliance and conformance to Health IT standards is the key to interoperability.

The testing of HIT standards implementations in software has been largely cursory due to a lack of efficient testing methods – enter AEGIS’ Developers Integration Lab (DIL).  For the last 7 years, AEGIS has been evangelizing the need for going beyond the level of mere “happy path” or “certification only” testing to a real focus on “Testing Like You Mean It”.  The DIL’s latest program – The Touchstone Project – addresses testing against the newest standards in Health IT: HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources or FHIR.

For FHIR implementers, The Touchstone Project allows organizations to mitigate interoperability risk by:

  • Supporting standards-based Testing
  • Giving you the ability to Test Early and Test Often
  • Allowing you to “Test like you mean it”
  • Infusing Interoperability into the Development Cycle thru TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Providing a path to achieving the goal of “Continuous Interoperability”

AEGIS is grateful to have been selected for this award.  We feel that industry is starting to understand our message and how we help mitigate risk – currently in Health IT, but also in other standards-based industries down the road.  ACT-IAC recently released “Innovation in Government is Thriving” which highlights AEGIS and the rest of this distinguished group of award recipients.

Patient safety is the goal – so “Test Like You Mean It” with AEGIS’ Developers Integration Lab and The Touchstone Project!



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