AEGIS to Participate in the 1st Annual OSEHRA Summit and Workshop

October 17-18, 2012 –, Inc. (AEGIS) will showcase Health IT Interoperability and Testing through executive participation in a panel discussion and exhibiting the Developers Integration Lab (DIL) at the 1st Annual OSEHRA Summit and Workshop. Mario Hyland, Founder and Senior Vice President, will participate in a panel discussion covering Interoperability and Testing. “OSEHRA is pleased to be working with, Inc., an industry leader in the testing of interoperability between Health Information Technology (HIT) systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)”, said Seong Ki Mun, Ph.D., President and CEO, OSEHRA, “One of the objectives of OSEHRA is to promote open source best practices to facilitate the interoperability of systems across sectors, geography and organizations.” In the exhibit hall, AEGIS will present the Developers Integration Lab (or DIL) testing solution for health information exchange gateway, interoperability, and compatibility testing. The DIL is a 24/7 testing environment that facilitates interoperability testing and helps organizations meet Meaningful Use standards. AEGIS designed and developed the DIL, allowing an organization to test communications between its gateway and other gateway implementations at any time. The DIL was created with an eye towards automation and ease of use, providing a straightforward user interface that healthcare organizations can easily navigate. Within minutes, an organization can register on the DIL, install certificates, and begin interoperability testing. The DIL will provide support for the quality of care received by US citizens by helping organizations meet Meaningful Use requirements and facilitating the secure exchange of health information.

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