AEGIS to Host the June 2014 – Open Health Tools (OHT) Board Meeting

On June 13, 2014, AEGIS will host the quarterly Open Health Tools (OHT) Board Meeting in its Rockville, Maryland Office. Open Health Tools operates as an open source community where members of the Health and IT professions can collaborate to build interoperable systems that will provide users with access to patient and medical information. AEGIS is an active member of OHT and an industry leader in the testing of interoperability between Health Information Technology (HIT) systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

AEGIS continues to participate in several chartered projects within OHT including a custodial role with the CONNECT Open Source Project. The OHT-CONNECT Project is an open source software development project which aims to unify efforts underway across the country that are based on or extend the CONNECT software solution.  CONNECT was initially developed by federal agencies to support their health-related missions and has subsequently served as a baseline reference platform for numerous open source projects.  Using nationally-recognized interoperability standards, CONNECT enables health information exchange within an organization, linking an organization to a network of similarly enabled organizations that leverage the CONNECT software. The OHT-CONNECT Project will provide the community setting to unify these ongoing efforts into a single implementation expanding health information interoperability capabilities of the entire community.

AEGIS is also the Project Lead for the Advancing an Open Source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Ecosystem Project. The SOA Ecosystem Project aims to drive EHR advancement towards an Open Source SOA Environment (Ecosystem) that will enable the development of loosely coupled integrated solutions (such as modernized workflow oriented applications). This will enable wider community involvement by engaging vendors to support newer technology paradigms including the development of Certification & Accreditation Programs and Crowd Sourced Open Source Certification.

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