AEGIS Retains CMMI ML3 Ratings

We are very happy once again to announce that our recent CMMI SCAMPI Class A appraisal results are now official. We were appraised as continuing to operate at Maturity Level 3 in two constellations – Development (DEV) and Services (SVC) including Service System Development (+SSD). This was our third ML3 appraisal for SVC+SSD and our fourth ML3 appraisal for DEV. We remain in relatively small company among organizations appraised ML3 in DEV and SVC+SSD. When we were first rated this way in 2012 (building on our 2009 CMMI-DEV ML3 appraisal), we were one of only four organizations world wide demonstrating this same level of capability maturity (DEV and SVC+SSD).

Since then, we were honored to earn the CMMI Institute’s inaugural Capability Challenge award in 2016 and extra thrilled when they produced a video about it!

We are proud that our appraisal was able to incorporate work from a wide selection of our client projects showing that we apply our CMMI process model implementation everywhere we engage for the benefit of our customers.

We now turn our process focus toward version 2.0 of the CMMI as were prepare to be appraised under that revision for the first time in 2021!

I would like to thank our Lead Appraiser, Dr. Richard Bechtold of Abridge-Technology, and everyone at AEGIS for their outstanding performance, not just embracing our approach, but working to improve it all the time.

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