AEGIS’ Glassdoor Rating 99%


We are proud to announce that AEGIS has achieved a Glassdoor rating higher than 99% of all companies in the US based on current and past employee feedback, according to the company’s most recent report.

Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. It’s essentially a company reputation destination and can provide employers with a great snapshot into what drives employee engagement (or disengagement). It’s also becoming the go-to place for prospective employees when searching for information on jobs, company culture, salaries, interview strategies, and to get a sense of what it might be like to work for a particular company. Items covered in AEGIS’ rating include:

  • Application & Interview Process
  • Interview Experience
  • Pros & Cons of Employment
  • Negotiation Guidance
  • Advice to Management

Candidates who review the surveys on AEGIS find an employee and family-friendly work environment. We credit our high employee retention on a set of core corporate values which include challenging and interesting work, a focus on high quality results, strong teams and mentorship, and a culture of high ethics.

Why not use employee ratings when “shopping” for a new job?

Check out AEGIS’ great reviews!

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