AEGIS Becomes Health Level Seven (HL7) Benefactor

AEGIS joins 22 other distinguished organizations as the latest HL7 Benefactor. As an HL7 Benefactor, AEGIS supports HL7’s important efforts toward streamlined development, implementation and adoption of industry-critical standards, specifications and products.

“AEGIS is pleased to be an HL7 Benefactor,” stated Mario Hyland, Senior Vice President & Founder at AEGIS. Mr. Hyland explains,

“AEGIS continues to advocate that standards, conformance to those standards, and thorough testing to ensure conformance are all required to achieve true, seamless information exchange. Our organization and partners are focused on advancing health information sharing best practices for government and industry.”

Charles Jaffe, MD, CEO of HL7 comments,

“Health Level Seven International is pleased to welcome AEGIS as a Benefactor Member. AEGIS continues to demonstrate a commitment to improve our standards development process. Through the AEGIS testing platform, our members can enhance the quality of their health IT systems.  The AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) is a unique test platform and more effectively enables our conformance testing objectives. In turn, this helps to achieve our far-reaching goal of enhancing patient safety.”

As part of our ongoing efforts to advance the implementation of interoperability standards, HL7 and AEGIS partnered earlier this year on the pilot of the Conformance Testing Program. The HL7 Conformance Testing Program helps healthcare IT developers speed time to market by providing a cost-effective platform for ongoing, iterative testing of conformance and interoperability with HL7 standards. In addition – these collected test results provide a feedback loop to HL7 by giving them actionable data to evaluate those aspects of the standards with which conformance proves most difficult for the vendors to achieve.

AEGIS is a proud sponsor of the 28th Annual HL7 International Plenary & Working Group Meeting held in Chicago, IL from September 14th – 19th, 2014. We have been actively participating in the HL7 Work Group Meetings (WGMs) covering a full range of HL7-specific topics such as Version 2.x Implementation, Version 3, and the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Standards (FHIR®), Meaningful Use in the US, Electronic Health Records, and Vocabulary Terminology among others. AEGIS has been testing its WildFHIR reference implementation (RI), developed and published test cases that have now been deployed within the Developers Integration Lab (DIL).

AEGIS looks forward to participating in our seventh IHE Connectathon coming up in January 2015 in Cleveland to highlight the advancements made in HL7 testing, particularly with FHIR® and our WildFHIR RI. We hope to see you there!


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