Zero Trust Conformance

Zero Trust is the name of an information security framework (NIST 800-207) which recognizes the need to authenticate, authorize and continuously validate the security configuration of all users and devices.

Zero Trust Conformance applies this thinking to continuously validate that FHIR implementations are conformant with specifications and implementation guides (IGs).

Zero Trust Conformance One and Done Testing

Don’t just check the box to meet a one-time certification requirement.

Zero Trust Conformance = Continuous Confidence

Know that your implementation remains conformant.

Touchstone anchors our Zero Trust Conformance Ecosystem: Industry-leading FHIR TestScript testing engine, our WildFHIR reference implementation (RI) and thousands of test scripts available 24 X 7 with confidential results.


Set up your test bed and HL7 FHIR Sandbox

Payers and Providers

Measure and Certify your Deployment

Interoperability Programs

Validation for HL7 FHIR Accelerators and IG Authors

Build. Validate. Share Results. Continuously.

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