Measurably Interoperable

Compared to earlier generations of healthcare specifications, FHIR is a vast improvement in approachability, and it is designed to promote incremental feature development and empower healthcare exchange partners with the ability to share just the data needed.

But healthcare is incredibly complicated, and these implementtions are still hard to get right.

How do you actually know that your FHIR implementation is interoperable—and to what degree?

If you are under the impression that “it depends,” you are being led astray.

FHIR interoperability is the ability to complete an implementation once, then see the same results when using that implementation with any health information exchange partner.

  • That is measurable, and those measurements are data you can use to assess your interoperability. 

AEGIS Touchstone objectively and precisely measures your implementation’s compliance with FHIR specifications.

Incorporating Touchstone into your build process provides continuous, objective, FHIR conformance measurements as your implementation evolves.  

Touchstone is your Interoperability Scorecard, powered by the AEGIS Conformance Ecosystem: Industry-leading FHIR TestScript testing engine, our WildFHIR reference implementation servers (RIs) and thousands of FHIR Test Scripts.

Graduate from guessing about FHIR interoperability.

  • Use Touchstone to implement once, and interoperate infinitely.


Set up your test bed and HL7 FHIR Sandbox

Payers and Providers

Measure and Certify your Deployment

Interoperability Programs

Validation for HL7 FHIR Accelerators and IG Authors

Build. Validate. Share Results. Continuously.

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