Implementable FHIR IGs: The Missing Manual

Although HL7® FHIR® recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary as a standards development initiative, FHIR implementations—and the development of FHIR IGs—are at earlier stages of process maturity.

Despite the best efforts of IG authoring teams, most FHIRIGs require active interpretation by implementers. Interpretation is tough enough in a live conversation; having to guess what requirements authors really meant is a recipe for implementations that do not talk to each other.

Another reflection of process immaturity is unrealistic expectations by stakeholders (those who pay for IGs to be created) about the resources and effort required to create unambiguous requirements and accurately document the multiple layers of dependencies on other FHIR IGs for the typical FHIR IG.

These process immaturity factors create an ad hoc approach to FHIR IG creation that is under-resourced and rushed. Given this, the quality of IGs currently produced is a cause for celebration, despite their shortcomings.

We can do better.

Since 1996, AEGIS has provided trusted advisory leadership and support to our customers. In 2008, we implemented a process-driven methodology that reflects the best practices of Deming, CMMI, ITIL and ISO 9001/20000-1/27001. We call this “AEGIS Shield Methodology,” and it underpins our disciplined approach to deliver maximum value that is scalable and repeatable.

Combining our extensive experience testing FHIR IG implementations with the AEGIS Shield Methodology yields actionable lessons learned and best practices for FHIR IG authoring teams.

Check out our whitepaper for actionable advice.

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