Developers Integration Lab (DIL)

The AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) is a patented and award-winning Health IT ecosystem for performing automated conformance and interoperability tests against industry-published specifications, standards, content, and profiles, including templates and implementation guides. 

From the DIL patent:

The DIL Ecosystem monitors the secure exchange of health information among multiple vendors utilizing a synthetic patient population, medical events, and multiple visits to various vendors who may be hosting different systems within multiple types of health care providers.

The precursor of Touchstone, the DIL ecosystem (including a dedicated team of AEGIS healthcare interoperability experts) was used to validate specifications conformance of XML-based information exchange formats used by early participants in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN and NwHIN)–now called eHealth Exchange. Those XML-based formats (templates of the HL7 CDA standard) are still the predominant formats used today in production health information exchange by all of the national exchanges.

The AEGIS team … 1) Basically defined the TestScript resource in FHIR … 2) Applied lessons learned from using the DIL for production onboarding … and the architecture lessons … etc. when creating Touchstone. (More about the new scripting paradigm, etc.?)


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