, Inc. (AEGIS) Facilitates True Interoperability for Healthcare Technology

AEGIS provides tools and services that strengthen the deployment of standards-based healthcare applications. Our subject matter experts engage across the globe to advise government and industry programs. Powerful results are delivered through an unprecedented level of collaboration, planning, and innovative technologies. Our powerful test platforms continuously validate and report progress throughout the development of healthcare applications, ensuring compliance to specifications such as HL7® FHIR®, IHE, and others.

Interoperability Program Support
Power your interoperability initiative with the most advanced FHIR development resources available. AEGIS' automated on-demand platforms can be used anytime, anywhere, and report progress throughout. We call it "Continuous Testing" and it enables programs and projects to know and share results simply.

Whether you are building an implementation guide or working to connect with vendors using FHIR, the Touchstone platform will ensure reliable and continuous interoperability.

FHIR Developer Support with Touchstone
For software developers, Touchstone brings a ready-made development environment that you can share with others in your organization. Test the capabilities and interoperability between FHIR Server and Client implementations and leverage the power of a well-thought-out reference implementation, WildFHIR. Our integrated test script editor allows you to create and deploy custom test scripts to meet your current needs while keeping you in compliance with the FHIR standard.

HL7 FHIR & Touchstone Training
AEGIS has trained hundreds of developers to build with HL7 FHIR using Touchstone, our cloud-based platform that will aid in rapid FHIR conformance as you build. Touchstone offers thousands of tests in an easy-to-use system for measuring conformance and interoperability against published specifications, profiles, and the healthcare industry’s leading implementation guides.

IHE and NwHIN Developer Support
Explore conformance and interoperability testing with the Developers Integration Lab - our flagship platform will enhance your implementation of standards and establish connectivity to national health information exchanges.

Read more on measuring interoperability to ensure high quality healthcare here.

Sample Health IT Engagements

The Da Vinci Project helps payers and providers positively impact clinical quality, cost, and care management outcomes. As a private industry project under HL7 International, Da Vinci will unleash critical data between payers and providers required for value-based care workflows leveraging HL7 FHIR. The nation's largest payer of healthcare claims, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) depends on the successful implementation of FHIR. The Touchstone platform has enabled the Da Vinci project to accelerate the pace of FHIR implementation guide development, validate conformance to the FHIR specification, and vet reference implementations to meet demanding timelines.

Nictiz, the Center of Expertise for eHealth in the Netherlands, leverages the Touchstone platform and WildFHIR reference implementation servers to support the national interoperability program, MedMij. MedMij's core task is to facilitate the digital exchange of health data between residents of the Netherlands and their care-givers. MedMij is also creating confidence that this is done in a secure, affordable, future-proof and user-friendly way by certifying compliance to the FHIR standard. In its first year, the Nictiz program certified nearly 50 participants; the program is expected to quadruple that number in 2020.

AEGIS designed and developed a test platform for the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) to allow self-service, automated, Internet-based interoperability testing against NwHIN specifications and implementations. The platform (test harness) was the first to test the government's own version of the gateway. AEGIS subsequently developed an even more robust testing platform, the DIL, and has made that available as a product offering to the health IT community.

AEGIS has provided various testing services (including performance engineering) to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in support of the development of the My HealtheVet (MHV) National Portal. The MHV Portal is a self-service application which draws data from over 150 external VA systems, and is currently designed to process prescription refills and maintain other Personal Health Record (PHR) information for over 500,000 Veterans. AEGIS implemented a comprehensive program for load and stress tests, utilizing a custom developed test harness for exercising the unique Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) elements of the MHV solution. As a trusted technical advisor to the VA, AEGIS was asked to serve on the MHV Architecture Review Board (ARB), Change Control Board (CCB), and Risk Management Teams.

AEGIS provided comprehensive Quality Assurance and Testing services in support of the development, fielding, and enhancement of the VA eBenefits Portal. The President's Commission on Care for America's Returning Wounded Warriors identified the need to improve veterans' access to information on available services, including how to apply for and maintain their benefits. In response, the VA established the eBenefits Portal to support this coordination effort. The AEGIS team reviewed and maintained the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), Test Plan, test scripts, and test scenarios to assess the portal's overall functional and performance view into the projected user experience. AEGIS was also responsible for capacity testing of the system to ensure that it met and exceeded the demands of the user community at the time.

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